Taking Clean to a New Level!

OxiClean™ Car Care delivers powerful cleaning through technology and innovation. With products for Vehicle Washing, Wheel & Tire, and Interior Cleaning, these professionally inspired solutions enhance and simplify the car care experience.

Going back to 1953, our founders used the concept of “The Image of Difference.” It was a simple yet powerful idea that encouraged us to make everything we do better than it had been done before. Over the course of seven decades, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation has grown into a global company with market leading positions in a number of product categories. Yet across all our locations and products, it is the thread of this philosophy that holds together everything we have become and everything we do.

Hopkins®, with the OxiClean™ brand, continue to expand the line and offer the best vehicle cleaning products on the market. See all of the products Hopkins has to offer: HopkinsMfg.com